Paperie Flora paper inspiration
Paperie Flora paper inspiration

This lot of new decorative papers arrived last week and I am very excited to work on new combinations for my collage art greeting cards (Paperie Flora)! Today I stopped by a local shop, who sells my cards and have been asked to bring in more ~ they’ve nearly run out of my designs from the beginning of June! Stay tuned!

Shop Delivery!

New blank collage greeting cards! The top row are brand new designs as of yesterday and this morning. The bottom row I created a few weeks ago. I made 2 of each design and dropped off the bundle to a local gift store in the Hamptons! I’m very excited. The store owner was quite pleased.

Elizabeth Lorayne: New collage cards June 2013

“Falling Tree” collage

This is the first tree and weave collage I made back in 2006. Since then I’ve created several similar collages, but always with fuller trees. So this one is just that much more unique!

This collage also sparked my blank greeting card line, Paperie Flora. Although those cards a a bit laborious to create, I thoroughly enjoy making them anyway. And I can’t seem to stop coming up with new combinations for either the weave series or the tree series! When I browse decorative papers at the store or online, my eyes instantly start pairing designs together. It seems this “habit” is ingrained. In fact, I have a few new designs coming out soon!

Although this particular collage lends itself more towards Autumn, it seemed like a nice time to share it anyway. I hope you agree!

"Falling Tree" 2006. collage
“Falling Tree” 2006. collage