The Adventures of Piratess Tilly cover image!

I am SO excited to share the front and back covers for my upcoming children’s picture book, The Adventures of Piratess Tilly. I hope you enjoy the beautiful watercolor illustrations by Karen Watson. The book is due to arrive and be ready for sale in late November/early December!

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~ Elizabeth Lorayne


The Adventures Of Piratess Tilly Cover

Adventures of “Piratess” Tilly!

A project I’ve been working on since this past summer is a children’s picture book ~ written in haiku (of course!)! My husband and I are very happy with it and extremely excited about the illustrations, done by Karen Watson ( We’ll be publishing it ourselves, which I’m also thrilled about, as we’ll have total control over the book. Please come support this new project!! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook! And of course, check out the website (which is in need of bios!):

The synopsis is below!

tilly web background with title p.s. Our 22 month old daughter LOVES seeing the updated illustrations. She gets so excited!!