Piratess Tilly: Easter Island

After receiving awards and wonderful industry reviews, I felt encouraged to write a sequel to The Adventures of Piratess Tilly. In the second book, Piratess Tilly and her crew head to Easter Island. I will be sending the finished book to reviewers in the next week and then it will be off for printing – expected publication of January 2017. Follow more on facebook and on the blog. I hope you’ll stay tuned!


New Year, New Project Underway

I’ve written a children’s picture book! It’s a project I feel incredibly passionate about. I’m mulling over marketing ideas and gearing up for publishing it myself.

And now, with the new year, my inbox is starting to gather images from the illustrator I’m hiring! This alone has me beyond excited and even a bit emotional – my girl empowering, haiku inspired story is coming to life.

And just as I began receiving first sketches, this arrived in the mail… I realize it’s not wholly necessary these days, but it’s fun to have a proper Copyright registration number!

More soon, as things get further along.


New “Honey Bunny” Design

I’ve been having so much fun with watercolors lately that I felt inspired to rework my original design of “Honey Bunny.” Soon, I’ll transfer it to a white shirt for my little girl to wear ~ stay tuned! For now, here is the before (left) … and after (right)!


** I’ve uploaded this design to my Society6 shop! Check it out!