Honey Bunny Revived!

I’ve been spending more time on my artwork, both printmaking and collage! I thought I’d share one of my latest collages, a revival of my water-colored “Honey Bunny.” I’m posting the original that was done in watercolor and Photoshop (2013) alongside the latest version that is a paper-cut collage (2016). You can find both versions on Society6!


Orca Collage

My 16 month old daughter has bonded with an orca plush toy as well as a sea otter. She loves both a great deal!

(Then 14 month old daughter.)
(Then 14 month old daughter.)

I decided to make her an orca collage for her room! It measures around 24″ wide by 14″ tall. I plan on hanging it amongst other art prints. Maybe I’ll post that picture at a later date. For now, here is the collage! I used a few pictures of Orca Totems as reference since I am from Seattle. The white pieces in the tail and eye specifically were the most influenced aspects.

Elizabeth Lorayne "Orca" Collage, 24" x 14", 2013
Elizabeth Lorayne “Orca” Collage, 24″ x 14″, 2013


Thank you,


New greeting card designs!

Finally, I carved out a moment to make a few new designs for Paperie Flora! There isn’t anything quite like measuring and slicing paper, followed by weaving them together, to both invigorate and relax my spirit.

First is a shot of my new papers… Then a picture of the card designs in progress!

Paperie Flora new August 2013 paper selection
Paperie Flora new August 2013 paper selection
Paperie Flora designs in progress!
Paperie Flora designs in progress!


Paperie Flora paper inspiration
Paperie Flora paper inspiration

This lot of new decorative papers arrived last week and I am very excited to work on new combinations for my collage art greeting cards (Paperie Flora)! Today I stopped by a local shop, who sells my cards and have been asked to bring in more ~ they’ve nearly run out of my designs from the beginning of June! Stay tuned!

Shop Delivery!

New blank collage greeting cards! The top row are brand new designs as of yesterday and this morning. The bottom row I created a few weeks ago. I made 2 of each design and dropped off the bundle to a local gift store in the Hamptons! I’m very excited. The store owner was quite pleased.

Elizabeth Lorayne: New collage cards June 2013

“Falling Tree” collage

This is the first tree and weave collage I made back in 2006. Since then I’ve created several similar collages, but always with fuller trees. So this one is just that much more unique!

This collage also sparked my blank greeting card line, Paperie Flora. Although those cards a a bit laborious to create, I thoroughly enjoy making them anyway. And I can’t seem to stop coming up with new combinations for either the weave series or the tree series! When I browse decorative papers at the store or online, my eyes instantly start pairing designs together. It seems this “habit” is ingrained. In fact, I have a few new designs coming out soon!

Although this particular collage lends itself more towards Autumn, it seemed like a nice time to share it anyway. I hope you agree!

"Falling Tree" 2006. collage
“Falling Tree” 2006. collage

Nursery Collage

Nursery Collage, 2011
Nursery Collage, 2011

I created this collage while I was pregnant with my, now, almost 1 year old daughter. At the time we were still living in New York City and I found making collages relieved my nausea and general anxiety. I’ll never forget when I saw these papers, while waiting on line, at my favorite art store, Dick Blick. The patterns and colors really spoke to me. Little did I know, we would end up moving into a contemporary styled house for good! And even transform it into more of a modern-styled house.

This was my first attempt with two patterns for the loose woven pieces and the first time I added a textured element ~ the flowers (which honestly, I’m still on the fence about!). Even though we don’t have a “proper” nursery set up (as the house is still being renovated), I’ve had this collage propped up on a small table and enjoy looking at it when I’m cuddling my daughter.

She turns 1 in about 2 weeks (April 21st) and I have such mixed emotions about it. With that being said however, I’m excited and proud of all she is and all she is becoming. I feel so honored to be a part of her development. “My” Vivi is a toddler now for sure!

Feels Like Spring!

The sun was out all day and there were moments that felt so lovely. I am excited for bicycle rides and walks with my family outside!

I created this tree collage last summer, when my daughter was a few months old. I, personally like the contemporary flair to some of the leaves. Do you?

“Spring Tree in Pink” 2012. 5″ x 7″ collage

Happy “Love Cat” Day!

This collagraph seemed befitting for Valentine’s Day! It’s based on my beloved Abyssinian cat, Fuzzbie.

    "Love Cat" 2011. 22"x30" collagraph.
“Love Cat” 2011. 22″x30″ collagraph.

I particularly love her profile, which inspired me to create a collagraph. After weeding through the 100 or so photos of her, I finally chose one (see below).

Fuzzbie, my Abyssinian cat
Fuzzbie, my Abyssinian cat

I emailed it to a local Staples Copy & Print Shop to be printed quite large.  I taped tracing paper over it to transfer her image to the black matboard I used as the base for my collagraph plate. I proceeded to very carefully cut the image out using both a box cutter and scissors. Once her profile emerged, I cut out a heart!

From this point forward, I delved into my assortment of textured decorative papers and scraps to strategically and thoughtfully paste them all over Fuzzbie’s cut out image. Once I felt pleased, I moved onto the “tiny” heart.

When they were finished, I painted them with a layer of Gesso to protect the paper and matboard. This was always a trial as I had to lay paper towels all over our tiny kitchen counter (we lived in New York City at that time!). I was also always a bit impatient with this step, mainly because I was excited to print and because it was late at night!

Early the next morning, I’d take the dried plates to the rooftop to spray them with Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating, the last step in protecting them. Leaving them upstairs to dry, gave me the perfect amount of time to have breakfast and prepare for the day. Then, I’d gather the plates and supplies to walk the mile and a half to Parsons School of Design for my studio time.

Initially I arranged the plates to coincide (therefore the heart plate was cut smaller than the opening), but unfortunately I misplaced the heart at the studio… I have only one impression of Fuzzbie with her heart (see below).

"Love Cat with Heart" 2011. 22" x 30" collagraph
“Love Cat with Heart” 2011. 22″ x 30″ collagraph

Both versions, with and without the heart, have qualities I like. I may in fact prefer “her” with the stark negative space in place of her heart. I feel it makes the heart stand out that much more! Which do you prefer?

Happy Valentine’s Day!