“Sun Will Rise” a tribute haiku

As with so many people, the death of Robin Williams has jarred me. Being in the level of darkness he must have felt, greatly saddens me. It’s a place I feel deserves no harsh judgement. Pain is pain and with that pain, compassion is needed.

I am grateful for his life and for the light he bestowed on the world.

Thinking of Robin Williams; of the darkest of depressions; of the ability to make others laugh; and of the light, clarity and Springtime that the actual red robin symbolizes, I feel compelled to share this haiku.

Many thanks,
Elizabeth Lorayne


H43 “Child & Falcon”

Pitch black midnight wings
Embrace the sleeping child
Falcon pajamas

*Falcons have powerful totemic meaning. To read more about that, I recommend going to Whats-your-sign.com. I thoroughly enjoy their information.

I wrote this haiku in the wee hours this morning after being stirred by my cat. A Falcon may be calling for life in my artwork… Or maybe this poem is enough.