“Falling Tree” collage

This is the first tree and weave collage I made back in 2006. Since then I’ve created several similar collages, but always with fuller trees. So this one is just that much more unique!

This collage also sparked my blank greeting card line, Paperie Flora. Although those cards a a bit laborious to create, I thoroughly enjoy making them anyway. And I can’t seem to stop coming up with new combinations for either the weave series or the tree series! When I browse decorative papers at the store or online, my eyes instantly start pairing designs together. It seems this “habit” is ingrained. In fact, I have a few new designs coming out soon!

Although this particular collage lends itself more towards Autumn, it seemed like a nice time to share it anyway. I hope you agree!

"Falling Tree" 2006. collage
“Falling Tree” 2006. collage

“Totem Tree” Progression

When you work on a matrix for printmaking, the general rule is to pull an impression every time you make a change to the plate. Even if you only add a line, for instance, it’s generally important to ink the plate, wipe it and run it through the press to see how it looks. Certainly makes sense. Granted, I personally, didn’t always do that! For this particular piece, I may have skipped that step once or twice. I wanted the surprises and I wanted the processes behind drypoint, etching and aquatinting to guide me on their own.

When going back through these impressions however, I found it exciting to see the progression. And what’s even more exciting, in my opinion, is that each of these states is completely unique since I can’t go back to it! The zinc plate has been forever changed.

Nursery Collage

Nursery Collage, 2011
Nursery Collage, 2011

I created this collage while I was pregnant with my, now, almost 1 year old daughter. At the time we were still living in New York City and I found making collages relieved my nausea and general anxiety. I’ll never forget when I saw these papers, while waiting on line, at my favorite art store, Dick Blick. The patterns and colors really spoke to me. Little did I know, we would end up moving into a contemporary styled house for good! And even transform it into more of a modern-styled house.

This was my first attempt with two patterns for the loose woven pieces and the first time I added a textured element ~ the flowers (which honestly, I’m still on the fence about!). Even though we don’t have a “proper” nursery set up (as the house is still being renovated), I’ve had this collage propped up on a small table and enjoy looking at it when I’m cuddling my daughter.

She turns 1 in about 2 weeks (April 21st) and I have such mixed emotions about it. With that being said however, I’m excited and proud of all she is and all she is becoming. I feel so honored to be a part of her development. “My” Vivi is a toddler now for sure!

“Totem Tree” etching and aquatint

"Totem Tree Sepia" 2011. etching and aquatint
“Totem Tree Sepia” 2011. drypoint, etching and aquatint

My first drypoint, etching with aquatint post college. This became the beginning to my series of pseudo-mythical creatures I created as collagraphs. It will always have a soft spot in my heart. I felt so honored to have been selected to donate an impression of this to a fundraiser through the American Red Cross in NYC for tsunami relief in Japan. It was so cool seeing my work hung on an art gallery wall in NYC!


lizzy + bobby: Purring Fox Design

lizzy + bobby: Purring Fox Designlizzy + bobby: Purring Fox Design

One of my designs for lizzy + bobby! It’s something I’ve been doodling since girlhood so it’s super fun making it into a real design for my own infant daughter’s onesies (and then to sell)! I’ve decided the launch date for the lizzy + bobby Etsy shop will be the first day of Spring (March 20th). Seems perfect ~ the beginning of a wonderful, energetic, reviving season ~ in more ways than one. But, that means I have less than 2 weeks to pull everything together. A great challenge! Wish me luck!

(p.s. sorry for the double post, but seems my earlier post disappeared!)

Feels Like Spring!

The sun was out all day and there were moments that felt so lovely. I am excited for bicycle rides and walks with my family outside!

I created this tree collage last summer, when my daughter was a few months old. I, personally like the contemporary flair to some of the leaves. Do you?

“Spring Tree in Pink” 2012. 5″ x 7″ collage