Honey Bunny Revived!

I’ve been spending more time on my artwork, both printmaking and collage! I thought I’d share one of my latest collages, a revival of my water-colored “Honey Bunny.” I’m posting the original that was done in watercolor and Photoshop (2013) alongside the latest version that is a paper-cut collage (2016). You can find both versions on Society6!


Fine Art & Piratess Tilly update!

I am thrilled to share some updates for my fine art and my children’s picture book, The Adventures of Piratess Tilly.

Let’s start with my fine art. Two of my collagraphs are now on exhibit at The Walsingham Gallery, an award-winning art gallery in Newburyport, MA! I am so honored to be listed as one of their “Emerging Artists!” I had the artwork framed by a wonderful local framer, whose wife happens to be a fantastic artist as well. I highly recommend Connor Summers Gallery! Here are some photos of the work while I was choosing frames and then when they were finished and in plastic wrap.

The Adventures of Piratess Tilly cover

I realize I haven’t done any kind of update on my award-winning children’s picture book! I will just share some of the highlights, but encourage you to check out the press & reviews page of the book’s site for all of the updates. To start, here is the books synopsis:

The Adventures of Piratess Tilly is written in haiku and illustrated in watercolors. You are invited to come adventuring with Piratess Tilly, her rescued best friend, a koala named Yuki, and her band of international orphaned brothers. As budding naturalists, they are all too eager for their expedition to the Galápagos Islands! While documenting flora and fauna, they spot baby giant tortoises being kidnapped . . . by pirates!  How do Tilly, Yuki and the brothers save the tortoises?

Just last week we received our first children’s picture book award! We won a gold medal for the Moonbeam Spirit Award in Exploration, a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award! This is such an honor and we are so excited.
Piratess Tilly wins Moonbeam Social Media Announcement
It’s been absolutely amazing, especially as a self-published author, to receive such glowing trade reviews by Kirkus Reviews and Publishers Weekly, as well as have been featured on the cover to the journal for The National Center for Science Education. Here are two snip-its from the trade reviews:
“A thoughtful take on the pirate genre, with a female-led crew focused on science and discovery.” –Kirkus Reviews
“Tilly—tough, daring, and scientifically minded—is a capable heroine with an enviable life at sea.” -Publishers Weekly
 I recently joined the Independent Publishers of New England and through their publishing conference met one of the co-owners of Foreword Reviews. The Adventures of Piratess Tilly is now being represented by Foreword Reviews at the Frankfurt Book Fair this week! I am incredibly excited for this exposure.
I am also pleased to share that after a successful donation of books, Piratess Tilly is now available for purchase through the Galápagos Conservancy, where all of the proceeds go to their many conservation programs!
And for the finale of this whirlwind update~ I have finished writing the second book and Karen Watson is beginning the artwork. This second story takes place on Easter Island and is due out in the summer of 2016!
Piratess Tilly Easter Island Promo webpage
For more frequent book updates, I encourage you to find us on facebook, twitter, or follow us through email on the book’s site: PiratessTilly.com
My apologies for the issues around indenting. Not sure why the post isn’t allowing me to properly space!

To Create is to… (Fill in the blank!)

I’m slowly recovering from a nasty cold/flu and with that means my mind is foggy with little room to write or make art. I also just turned 30 on Sunday! And with that, I suppose, I’m mulling over the aspects of myself that I have nurtured… Specifically, my creativity. So, I had the idea of starting a “fill in the blank” series of what it means to me to be creative! I would love to hear what it means to you! Here’s my initial thought:


Thank you,
Elizabeth Lorayne

Oh Winter…

Just a note to say that it seems wintertime and the holidays have blocked my ability to write! Does anyone else find this? I’m so stuck and its incredibly frustrating. I even have ideas! Yet, my mind stops cold. It’s as though I hit a snowdrift and I am immediately covered with a blanket of white, white snow. Hoping to find some time for hands on art to help loosen these creativity-stifling claws!

Until then . . .

Well, something has been brought to my attention by a dear friend. With the holidays and winter, I’ve been cooking and baking much more. Those activities can be quite creative! So even though I’m feeling blocked with my writing and painting, I am in fact still being creative. I thought I’d share photos of my annual tea sandwiches I make for Christmas. I also made several desserts and a delicious beet bruschetta.



My Art is in a Boutique!

This August I went through a bit of a rut. I felt my writing had become blocked and a specific writing project had me feeling disappointed and upset (more on that soon!). Much has progressed since then!

I am incredibly excited to share photos of my fine art prints, framed and on exhibit at a fabulous boutique, Lynn Stoller Collection,  in Westhampton Beach, NY (the Hamptons).



New “Honey Bunny” Design

I’ve been having so much fun with watercolors lately that I felt inspired to rework my original design of “Honey Bunny.” Soon, I’ll transfer it to a white shirt for my little girl to wear ~ stay tuned! For now, here is the before (left) … and after (right)!


** I’ve uploaded this design to my Society6 shop! Check it out!

Orca Collage

My 16 month old daughter has bonded with an orca plush toy as well as a sea otter. She loves both a great deal!

(Then 14 month old daughter.)
(Then 14 month old daughter.)

I decided to make her an orca collage for her room! It measures around 24″ wide by 14″ tall. I plan on hanging it amongst other art prints. Maybe I’ll post that picture at a later date. For now, here is the collage! I used a few pictures of Orca Totems as reference since I am from Seattle. The white pieces in the tail and eye specifically were the most influenced aspects.

Elizabeth Lorayne "Orca" Collage, 24" x 14", 2013
Elizabeth Lorayne “Orca” Collage, 24″ x 14″, 2013


Thank you,


New greeting card designs!

Finally, I carved out a moment to make a few new designs for Paperie Flora! There isn’t anything quite like measuring and slicing paper, followed by weaving them together, to both invigorate and relax my spirit.

First is a shot of my new papers… Then a picture of the card designs in progress!

Paperie Flora new August 2013 paper selection
Paperie Flora new August 2013 paper selection
Paperie Flora designs in progress!
Paperie Flora designs in progress!


Paperie Flora paper inspiration
Paperie Flora paper inspiration

This lot of new decorative papers arrived last week and I am very excited to work on new combinations for my collage art greeting cards (Paperie Flora)! Today I stopped by a local shop, who sells my cards and have been asked to bring in more ~ they’ve nearly run out of my designs from the beginning of June! Stay tuned!

Shop Delivery!

New blank collage greeting cards! The top row are brand new designs as of yesterday and this morning. The bottom row I created a few weeks ago. I made 2 of each design and dropped off the bundle to a local gift store in the Hamptons! I’m very excited. The store owner was quite pleased.

Elizabeth Lorayne: New collage cards June 2013