“Totem Tree” etching and aquatint

"Totem Tree Sepia" 2011. etching and aquatint
“Totem Tree Sepia” 2011. drypoint, etching and aquatint

My first drypoint, etching with aquatint post college. This became the beginning to my series of pseudo-mythical creatures I created as collagraphs. It will always have a soft spot in my heart. I felt so honored to have been selected to donate an impression of this to a fundraiser through the American Red Cross in NYC for tsunami relief in Japan. It was so cool seeing my work hung on an art gallery wall in NYC!


A Brief Introduction (for now)

In a quiet, calm, internally serene and focused moment, I sometimes feel a tug from the recesses of my mind and a whispering from deep within. Images of pseudomythical creatures peer out, raising their heads and presenting to me their would be figures. I reminisce about Native American Totem Poles from my upbringing in Seattle. Memories from childhood of their grand, carved figures pull me towards my collection of textured decorative papers. Various animals from my nightly dreams and daily life call to me to create my own pseudomythical creatures – to birth another being for their world.

    “To the Heavens,” 2011. 22″x30″ Collagraph
“To the Heavens,” 2011. 22″x30″ Collagraph