On Twitter!

I’ve joined Twitter! I honestly can’t believe all of the helpful articles I’ve already come across by opening this door. I’m thrilled! It truly is a great place to be as a budding writer and newbie self-publisher.

Hope to see you there! twitter.com/Elorayneart

Thank you,
Elizabeth Lorayne

New Year, New Project Underway

I’ve written a children’s picture book! It’s a project I feel incredibly passionate about. I’m mulling over marketing ideas and gearing up for publishing it myself.

And now, with the new year, my inbox is starting to gather images from the illustrator I’m hiring! This alone has me beyond excited and even a bit emotional – my girl empowering, haiku inspired story is coming to life.

And just as I began receiving first sketches, this arrived in the mail… I realize it’s not wholly necessary these days, but it’s fun to have a proper Copyright registration number!

More soon, as things get further along.


Oh Winter…

Just a note to say that it seems wintertime and the holidays have blocked my ability to write! Does anyone else find this? I’m so stuck and its incredibly frustrating. I even have ideas! Yet, my mind stops cold. It’s as though I hit a snowdrift and I am immediately covered with a blanket of white, white snow. Hoping to find some time for hands on art to help loosen these creativity-stifling claws!

Until then . . .

Well, something has been brought to my attention by a dear friend. With the holidays and winter, I’ve been cooking and baking much more. Those activities can be quite creative! So even though I’m feeling blocked with my writing and painting, I am in fact still being creative. I thought I’d share photos of my annual tea sandwiches I make for Christmas. I also made several desserts and a delicious beet bruschetta.