An Ode to “Winged Leaves”

On a walk with my, then 5 month old daughter, we passed by some native grasses that I particularly love. I find their oatmeal and evergreen coloring beautiful. I enjoy the way they sway and flap, sometimes in unison and sometimes in opposition. I wholeheartedly understand their healthiness in more direct sun than the pitiful section to the left, under the trees – beloved trees.

I just love these grasses and find them elegant and inspiring. This linocut, “Winged Leaves,” is an ode to them! I look forward to their bountiful return.
"Winged Leaves" 2012. 4"x6" linocut
“Winged Leaves” 2012. 4″x6″ linocut

A “Door” to Anywhere

This is one of my very first linocuts. I love printing on decorative papers, as seen in this impression. The choice of decorative paper makes such a difference in the emotional tone, doesn’t it? It can also influence how you interpret the piece. Yet, regardless of that possible influence, personally, I always see this as an abstract door. A door that has countless entrances ~ countless adventures ~ countless journeys ~ countless exits. What do you see? How does it make you feel? If a door, then where does it take you?

“Door,” 2002. 3″x5″ linocut
“Door,” 2002. 3″x5″ linocut