Writing Blocked by Life

My writing has been a bit blocked lately for various reasons. I also find that when I’m envisioning an art piece, I can’t focus on writing as well. Maybe someone else can relate?!

Now that our home restoration is getting closer to wrapping up (!!!), I can finally set up a desk to (soon) work on these paintings I have in mind. Until last week, the closet with my art supplies was barricaded by boxes and furniture. This also means I can finally make more Paperie Flora cards for the local gift store in town, who is nearly sold out! Maybe working on some hands on art will help with this writing block?!

One writing project in particular has me in a bind. I had been very excited and feeling confident, but now I’m unsure. I need to take a few deep breaths and regain my footing. This is definitely one of the reasons my other writing has been stagnant.

On the upside, after just a few days of no longer having workers inside of our house, we decided to go on a road trip South to see family. It was lovely! Truly a fun whirlwind of driving every day (6 days total) to see new babies (cousins for our 15 month old!) and my 96 year old grandmother (Vivi’s great grandmother!)!

I feel a bit renewed having gone on this adventure. Now, to organize our house from the chaos of restorations/renovations. That too may help unblock my writing!

Wish me luck!


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