Nursery Collage

Nursery Collage, 2011
Nursery Collage, 2011

I created this collage while I was pregnant with my, now, almost 1 year old daughter. At the time we were still living in New York City and I found making collages relieved my nausea and general anxiety. I’ll never forget when I saw these papers, while waiting on line, at my favorite art store, Dick Blick. The patterns and colors really spoke to me. Little did I know, we would end up moving into a contemporary styled house for good! And even transform it into more of a modern-styled house.

This was my first attempt with two patterns for the loose woven pieces and the first time I added a textured element ~ the flowers (which honestly, I’m still on the fence about!). Even though we don’t have a “proper” nursery set up (as the house is still being renovated), I’ve had this collage propped up on a small table and enjoy looking at it when I’m cuddling my daughter.

She turns 1 in about 2 weeks (April 21st) and I have such mixed emotions about it. With that being said however, I’m excited and proud of all she is and all she is becoming. I feel so honored to be a part of her development. “My” Vivi is a toddler now for sure!

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