A Merging of Two

I’ve just now been inspired.

"Fox in Flight Sepia" 2011. 22"x30" collagraph
“Fox in Flight Sepia” 2011. 22″x30″ collagraph

When I someday have access to a printmaking press, I’d like to print just the body of my fox-wolf-dog collagraph (see above) in white ink on dark paper (I have yet to do that). I’d next print my set of wing collagraphs (as used in my bat-owl-cat collagraph, see below) in a vibrant color on white paper.

    "Owl-Bat," 2011. 22"x30" collagraph
“Owl-Bat,” 2011. 22″x30″ collagraph

I then envision pinning the wings above my fox-wolf-dog in such a way the wings can be physically moved – to truly give this pseudomythical creature flight.

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